My name is Anthony, I’m a qualified and passionate Counsellor who wants to see you make a positive impact in this world and overcome the barriers that are currently holding you back, whether it be anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences or addictions.

Counselling and Psychotherapy is a tool for growth and healing. We will work together toward your preferred future by identifying your strengths and values, this will help us to take steps toward the life you want to live and to become the person you want to be.

Aged Care

Aged Care Counselling

I offer in-home visits for your loved ones, proving professional advice and support.

Christian Counselling

Christian Counselling

Providing professional counselling services from a distinctly Christian worldview

Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling

Developing resilience in young people so they can reach their full potential

Stop Struggling with Anxiety and Depression

I have assisted many people to learn news ways of managing the difficulties that life inevitability throws at us. It is possible to use these experiences to help you grow and make an even greater impact in this world.

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Is your Child Struggling with Anxiety and Depression?

Problems can Serve you or Crush you!

The way we respond to problems will determine how strong you become from them. Strong people are people who have allowed their suffering and heartache to make them stronger and more resilient. Want to know how to make your problems serve you and not crush you? Accept and be with the pain of your problem […]

Suffering in the Context of Hope

We must perceive our current suffering in the context of hope. A hope that has been given to us by God that if we “indeed suffer with him, ..we may also be glorified together” and that “all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to his […]

Love and Pain

Loving and caring for one other is a fundamental value of the Christian faith. This is demanded by the intrinsic value of each human being. Likewise, when we disrespect or treat Gods image bearers unethically, it logically follows that we are simultaneously dishonouring God himself. Thus, revealing that the treatment of our fellow human beings […]